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                                                                                            Will Wesley is a talented guitarist and                                                                                                   songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana                                                                                                 who has made a mark in the music                                                                                                           industry. Will's father exposed him to a                                                                                                   diverse range of musical genres which                                                                                                     sparked his passion for music. He honed                                                                                                 his guitar skills and developed a unique                                                                                                   singing style inspired by the blues, while                                                                                                 also learning the art of songwriting from                                                                                               classic country legends.


                                                                                          Will's love for the blues led him to share                                                                                                  the stage with renowned acts like Tabby                                                                                                Thomas, Larry Garner, and Grady                                                                                                            Champion. He even achieved the                                                                                                            remarkable feat of winning the                                                                                                                International Blues Competition Regionals                                                                                            in New Orleans twice. However, his                                                                                                        musical ambitions didn't stop there as he                                                                                              ventured into the genres of country and rock.


Despite facing setbacks along the way, Will remained committed to his music. He teamed up with his old bandmate and music producer, Phil Chandler, to create a double-album titled 'Both Sides of the Tracks' during the Covid-19 pandemic. This album featured exceptional artists like Kern Pratt, Michael Cleaveland, and Hannah Belle, fusing the best of blues, bluegrass, and country. The success of this album led to touring across the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, opening for famous names such as Alabama, Jason Boland, and Robert Cray.


Will's music has received airplay on radio stations worldwide, and his song "Attitude" reached #1 on the European Academy of Country Music chart in Milan, Italy. He is currently in production for his upcoming album 'Ready to Ride,' with the first single, "Wasted Again," featuring Swiss Rockabilly star Florian Fox, already receiving high praise.


With Will Wesley, there's always more music to come. Keep an eye out for his next release and witness his incredible talent firsthand.


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